8x50R ''M.8 1937''

Does “M” stand for Magdeburg or Mannlicher? Just a wild guess.

Why should it be Magdeburg?

I saw a different headstamp of this calibre and it said it was made in Magdeburg, so I guessed, sorry.

Not that I am the one supposed to talk about but wasn’t Polte using “P” or “P M” rather than “M” only?

This is a Hirtenberger contract for Italy. The “M.8” marking was also used on clips (picture by Peter):

Thanks Fede!

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Made for Italy after Invasion of Abyssinia in 1935-36. Italy was running low on WW1 stocks of Austrian Booty 8x50R ammo, so ordered from Hirtenberg both 8x50R ( " 8 Mannlicher") and normal 6,5x52 Italian.
The M95 Mannlicher Rifles were standard for Colonial Native Troops (Ascaris, Dubats, Spahi, etc) and the MG07/12 was their Usual MG ( Libya and AOI)
SMI, BPD and Bologna also made 8x50R inthe 30/40.s.

Doc AV


Thanks Doc, once again, great historical context here which to me is half of why I got into collecting!

Does the M not stand for Mannlicher? Since Italy was also using the visually similar 8 m/m Lebel in this period it would be a useful mnemonic device to keep things sorted out. Jack

See Giovanni Defrancisci excellent website section on the 8x50mmR in Italy.


Open in Google and use Google Translator if needed.

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Defrancisi’s Tables have some glaring Errors… Case lenght is 49-50mm, NOT 19.xx!
Head of the case is not 14mm ( that is the Rim diameter ( .565").
Either the translation is faulty( usual in computer translation) or
the terminology is incorrectly stated ( rim is “orlo”, head is “fondello”).
Otherwise a quite good explanation; photos are superb.
Doc AV
Down under.

Google Translator on occasion changes numbers and figures, one of the BIG problems with using a translator.

When such errors become obvious sometimes it helps to go back and look at the original text.

Or someone just typed in the wrong information in the original text!


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