8x50R Mannlicher headstamp

Hello, I have a 8x50R casting with only GR headstamp and it is on the top not in the bottom. Thats the only one I ever saw so my question is what is it?

I believe this is George Roth, Wien, Austria

Yep it is, but thats not how usually a GR 8x50R headstamp looks like. Thats my “problem”.

in the Czech book “Book of Small Arms Cartridges” is an image similar to a headstamp (except point). But I don’t know what it is a cartridge

FYI - The plain “GR” is known on at least four sporting calibers and the “GR ●” is known on at least six sporting calibers.

Regarding the position of the GR monogram. There are about equal numbers of Roth cases with the GR at the top as there are at the bottom. On the raised “Mauser based” type cases with the central flash hole generally had the GR monogram at the bottom of the headstamp from early to mid 1880’s. Before that it was at the top. Almost every conceivable hs format was used by Roth over the years.

They even used two "GR"s :


Here’s another two 8x50R hs with the GR at the top:


Judging from auto pistol rounds, the only thing I am qualified to talk on about G. Roth A.-G. headstamps, like many other companies and countries, there is a variety of headstamps in most of the pistol calibers they loaded. I believe I have 5 distinctly different styles in 6.35 mm, for example. After a quick check of my collection, the only auto pistol round I seem to have that has only “GR” (intertwined letter monogram; 12 o’clock position on the head) is 8 mm Roth-Steyr. Even in that, I have at least two others with different headstamp styles and content.

John Moss

Thank you all. You help me a lot. :)