8x50R Selfmade

As the 8x50R ammo is not commercially available anymore one have to produce it himself.
Die Set: RCBS
Case: Horneber
Bullet: Sierra Matchking 8mm .323 DIA, 200gr. HPBT, Match 2415
Powder: Vihtavuori N140 44.5gr.
Primer: Winchester Large Rifle
OAL: 73.5mm

This makes the old gun roar again…



Guten Tag, Herr Desperado…
One thing, you will increase accuracy if you use a Flat based Projectile ( a Boat tail is not suited to the 8mm/8,35mm Rifling ( .315/.329 inch.) of the M95 Mannlicher.
The Original Patrone M1893 used a .324" diameter Flat-based cylindrical Round Nosed Projectile ( 244 grains/ 15,8 g) which base expanded to fill the deep rifling.

IN 1930, when Austria was developing the 8mm Patrone M30 “
S” (8x56R) cartridge, they had to use a .329" Diameter Projectile, as it was Boat tailed.

Prvi Partizan 0f Serbia also make 8x56R cases, which are better to trim down to 8x50R

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