8x50R "TS 43 2" Lebel

What happened to the metal provider? There are only 3 ID’s, usually there are 4.

TS is Tarbes ( I think) in the Pyrenees zone of Vichy…up to
November 1942…when German troops occupied all of Vichy France. So by 1943, the Factory was under full German control, and supplies of Brass may have come from a non- French source.
Or the Germans simply did not follow French Practice.
Another point, the Occupation of Vichy was to block the Pyrenees escape route to Spain for both Jews in Vichy ( both foreign and French) and escaping Allied POWs.
Vichy had already started rounding up “foreign"Jews in early 42, and the Germans simplified the process to “All” Jews and other " undesireables”.

Doc AV

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Doc, thanks for the history recap. There was a lot of that history at Allentown show.