8x50Rmm Lebel 4-round clip for the Voilin rifle

Here is a scan of the drawing, by Crane, of the 8x50Rmm Lebel 4-round clip for the Voilin rifle.

Note that this clip is not a Berthier type, it latches into the magazine on the side, not the base. Do any of these clips exist in real life?


We have to put warnings on scans now ? !!
It is for copyright property ??

J-P, that scan is of the drawing that I possess, the warning label is already on the drawing so it also appears on the scan that I posted. Whether the drawing is still in copyright after thirty years, I don’t know.


happy Xmas dave.
I was joking.
Never heard of this rifle but I know almost nothing about guns, therefore it is not surprising !
Philippe could help you for sure, he knows a lot about french guns.

Years ago, I owned such a clip with the inscription “VOILIN MECANICIEN”. Also a steel 8 mm Lebel reducer so-headstamped.
As not a military stuff, I did not keep them.

As far as I know, a Mr. VOILIN was a mechanic or armorer working in Paris, at the end of XIXth or beginning of XXth century.

Sorry, nothing else available.


Was this a semi-automatic rifle or bolt action? Could anyone give me information about the Voilin rifle? Thanks,