8x50Rmm (Lebel) M1917 Auto-Rifle, five-round clip

This five-round Mannlicher type clip is stamped from steel sheet and blued. It can be used either way up in the auto-rifle model 1917. This clip is not interchangeable with either variation of the Berthier model 1916 clips.


The clip is correctly described as a “Mannlicher clip” and this is correct because it follows the Mannlicher Packet design, but it is NOT a “Berthier”…the FSA (Fusil Semi-Automatique) M1917 was the fruit of Ribeyrolle,Sutter and Chauchat ( also known as Fusil RSC M1917…Chauchat having died before the rifle was made in quantity ( from a bad heart due to Fumes Poisoning in his Testing of many rifles and autos over the years.)

Ribeyrolle was the owner of Gladiator Cycles et Auto (Makers of the CSRG or “Chauchat LMG”, and Sutter was Chauchat’s junior in rank, but of the same technical calibre as his superior.

Actually the M17 FSA used old Lebel rifle parts (stock, bands, barrels) and also some minor Berthier rifle parts. berthier had designed his Mannlicher style rifle back in the 1890s…the clip was a Modification of the standard MB rifle clip, and the two were NOT interchangeable.

The later improvement of the RSC design, the M1918, used the Normal MB (bolt) Rifle 5 round clip.

Regards, Doc AV
AV Ballistics

Hi Dave, your clip is very good, it is scarce!

Yes, I would say that it WAS scarce, before a funny guy, Alain Barrelier, from the Comptoir Fran