8x52mm Unknown, trying to ID

Greetings to all,

I was a long time listener, and now finally here is my first post.

Not so long ago I started to measure and record the dimensions of my cartridges into a spreadsheet where I keep track of my cartridges. I’m trying to identify the following (inert) round:
TL: 74.27mm / 2.924"
CL: 51.77mm / 2.038"
BØ: 8.08mm / .318"
MØ: 8.86mm / .349"
NØ: 8.86mm / .349"
SØ: 10.80mm / .425"
HØ: 11.87mm / .467"
RØ: 13.18mm / .519"
RT: 0.93mm / .037"
Bullet is magnetic.
I will try to post a picture.

Bought it as a 8mm Murata some years ago, when I was kind of new to cartridge collecting. I believe it is something else. I think I have bought some other stuffers from the same seller, but that is another story.
What could it be? Do you have any ideas?
Gabor from Hungary


Could be 8x51R Mauser…Pete.

I have seen these before: There exists at least two examples of a no hs beveled base 8x52R unknown (see below) that is similar overall but has the sharper shoulder and slightly longer neck than the 8x51R DWM (M5). It appears to match the 8x52R RWS Mauser M88 (M66).

From Left-> Two SP bullet variations 8x51R M88H2 Mauser by DWM (M5). Recent OPM (South African) production. 8x52R comparison including another example of what you have Gabor

Thank you Pete, WBD!
I don’t have a 8x51R, but I do have its brother, the rimless 8x51, and yes, it seems it has a different positioned shoulder. Another thing caught my eyes: the shoulder of the even shorter 8x42R is really similar to this 8x52R.
I have almost no info on the 8x52R. Is it less common than the 8x51R? Do you have a date of introduction?
WBD, it is interesting to see a your example with matching bullet and no headstamp, I suspected the hs was removed on my specimen to disguise this round. The rim is very thin.

Very interesting cartridge! There was a dummy example in Beutter’s Vol. II auction (lot 188) and a companion 8x53R cartridge having the same characteristcs (lot 189). Both are described as “coming from an old Swiss collection”. As far as I know, they are both unidentified case types.



Thank you Fede. This one came to me from Germany, among with many other cartridges. It feels strange to have an unidentified round as a beginner collector, interesting indeed. I will list it as 8x52 Unknown.

I decided to pull the bullet on this one, and this is written on the bottom. Looks like D.M.?
8x52r unknown bullet base