8x52R T66 Siamese from SAKO


Does anyone have a box and/or label for this 8x52R T66 Siamese from SAKO (I think)? Was it a commercial venture or a contract for Thailand?


Phil, is yours 8x56R or 8x52R? Should be 52mm. I have a similar “S66” round, and have always believed it to be a military contract.


Jonnyc - It is a 8x52R of course, fat finger problems I quess!! Are there any other dates known?


It also exist with 1966, 1967 and 1970 dates. The ones made in 1966 also exists in two headstamp variations: “S 66 8MM m66” and “S 66 8MM S”.


Thanks Fede and jonnyc for responding. Something else for me to be on the lookout for!


Interesting, mine is the “S 66 8MM m66”.


From 1971 to 1973 I worked as a civilian technician on the 439L Submarine Communications System (submarine as in underwater not as in boats) at Camp Vayama near Sattahip, Thailand. This cable system tied Thailand and about 5 or 6 sites in Viet Nam together. The Thai Navy provided security for the terminal building and they were armed with the old Siamese Mausers. I asked one of the guards if I could see his rifle and he let me examine it. I wish I had looked at his ammo. It would have been interesting to see what the Thai Navy was using during that time frame.


There are lots of variations of this 8 x 52 R to look for, including more than 20 different headstamps (some of the rarest ones were made by DWM). It was also made by Winchester, but I’m not sure if an example was ever found.


Fede – Very interesting. I didn’t realize there are so many different headstamps. Do you happen to have a listing of them that you post or send me via Email or PM?


Here is the list:

๖๕ (65)
๖๖ (66)

S 66 8MM S
S 66 8MM m66
S 67 8MM m66
S 70 8MM m66
S 71 8MM m66

K.34 8 m/m S
K 36 8 mm S.
K 37 8 m/m S
K50 8 mm S
K51 8 mm S
K54 8 mm S
K57 8 MM S
K68 8 MM.S

19 V.I. 28 28 HL
19 V.I. 28 29 HL

K DWM K 2480 (1937)

There are also unheadstamped rounds (some of these could be Japanese) and other siamese headstamps wich I cannot reproduce here. There are also 8 x 52 R rounds showing 8 x 50 R Type 45 headstamps. Other Kynoch dates than the listed above probably exist. Reloaded rounds, short range, blanks and dummies also exist with many different marks and simbols.


Fede – thank you very much for the list. It will be very helpful for me.


Here are my 8x52R rounds. There are a few not on Fede’s list.


The one on the upper left seems to exist only with a ๖๖ (66) date. Headstamp format is very similar to Austrian Mannlicher cartridges.
The one in the upper center shows a + indicating a reloadable case. These were the last ball cartridges made in Thailand during 1953.
The one on the upper right shows a ๖๕ (65) date, wich is the earliest headstamp for this caliber (pre-adoption).

The SAKO cartridges are reported to be for the surplus rifle market and not for a Thai military contract.


A correction:

“The one on the upper left seems to exist only with a ๖๖ (66) date”. That’s because this not a date but a model. Correct translation of this headstamp should be:

At 9: I’m no sure of wich symbols are these. Can you post a high resolution image?

At 12: แบบ = Model

At 3: อธ = North

At 6: ๖๖ = 66



Why would they be dated if for the commercial market?
As per the original post, it would be interesting to see a box or label for these Sako rounds.


Jon, thank for the picture. I still have no idea wich symbol is the first on the left but could be “A” (ก). The second looks clearly like a numeral “1” (๑).


You know better than I!

By the way, the K50 round in my collection with a red primer seal is a tracer with a red tip.


Jon, here you have the Kynoch drawing for your files:


Interesting to see the two danish made cases (complete cartridges?) from 1928 and 29. Must be what that 8x52 Siam pressure test rifle in the danish national collection is for. Always wondered why they had that test rifle, now I know why. Thx Fede.