8x54mmR Nagant (experimental)

I found a cartridge in my collection that looks like a 8,15mm Lee-Nagant.
It have no printings.32313916_1804570029586438_7796095730845745152_n

I´m looking for confirmation.
Thank you very much!

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If I’m not mistaken, I think you are correct! That’s a cool find if it is what we think it is.


Thanks for helping.

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Hola Martín,

It’s a 8 x 54 R Nagant experimental cartridge, but not the 8,15 mm Lee-Nagant. About one hundred of these cartridges were found in Argentina in the mid 1990’s and four variants were noted: no headstamp with cu-ni or steel jacket, and “N” headstamp at 12 with cu-ni or steel jacket.

I believe that this finding was the remnant of the lot used during the trial of the Nagant rifles chambered for this cartridge held in Argentina in 1889, prior to the adoption of the Mauser M. 91 (also tested by Belgium before the adoption of the M. 89 rifle). An example now resides in the national museum.

Un saludo grande,


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Thank you Fede!!!
You always have the right answer!!!
Un abrazo

I have the same unit and listed 8.15mm Lee-Nagant. Nice to find the correct ID for this units. Thank you!

Saludos desde Uruguay

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Hi Fede,
Do you know if theres any article or document about 1889 trials?