8x56mmR Hungarian Mannlicher?


It is Austrian, a very common cartridge here in US, made after Hitler’s takeover of Austria in March 1938. This ammo poured into US circa 2002, I guess they were WWII capture stored in the USSR, I saw some boxes containing 7.62x54R instead of 8x56R. If anyone knows the whole story, I’d like to hear.

What is “VIII” ?


The labels on the boxes of these cartridges will be found with the numerals I through XII (Jan thru Dec?), but all the boxes I have contain the VIII headstamped cartridges. I would expect the ‘VIII’ to indicate production in August, but I don’t recall seeing one of these cartridges with the Nazi eagle that did not have the VIII. Is it possible that all of these were made in one month?

Here is how it looked before Anschluss.

This cartridge came from this box, they are mismatched by date, “I” vs “VIII”. The box carries Austrian eagle and VIII. Anschluss happened in March (III). Go figure.
Paul Scarlata said in his book that these cartridges were manufactured after WWII up to 1955. I’d like to see such a headstamp.

Here is another box, just because the eagle is better printed. By the way, I don’t know if it is a political statement by my new HP printer/scanner, but all these boxes are brown in real life, like SA uniforms.

Any idea what the ‘B’ on the label represents?

I think it indicates propellant type since later on under German Waffenamt it becomes “Rottweil.” indicating gun powder made in Rottweil, Germany.
I took this from a Rottweil web site:
In 1853 this factory was acquired by the pharmacist Wilhelm Heinrich Duttenhofer. Already by 1859 the company was the largest producer of gunpowder in W

Guy - the information on the headstamp only really relates to the manufacture of the case. It is possible that when the headstamp was converted, by the time they got the cases into production with the German Reichsadler headstamp, it was August, and that they produced sufficient quantities in that month to fill all initial needs for this caliber. The months shown on the box labels could very well represent the months in which the contents of that box were actually loaded. Just a guess on my part, but an educated one in light of German headstamping procedures.

Guy, I think that “B” -