8x56R 38 Nazi stamp

Can any one explain why there are large numbers of the 8x56R with the 38 Nazi headstamp found on the auctions sites but very rarely are there any other headstamps present, I would think if it was surplus ammo it should have a variety mix. Thanks Vic

I’d guess they sell better.

The reason there is so much of the Austrian 8 x 56R ammunition from the NAZI period and with the German-style Reichsadler mark, is simply that a lot of it was imported in the original packing cases and original boxes. Often, surplus ammunition is found and imported in very large quantities of one specific year and manufacturer, and that is what happened here. Millions of rounds of this ammunition were evidently found somewhere, because it has been on the market, although now dwindling somewhat, for years and year. Where it is now found by the box, it used to be found the case or multiples of cases with dealers.

Mixed suplus ammunition usually carries with it the connotation, true or not in every case, of “battlefield cleanup” surplus. That ignores that fact that much old ammunition is found in warehouses in original containers.

No mystery here! By thw way, this caliber is occasionally found from other makers. There was a fair quantity of Bulgarian-manufactured 8 x 56R around some years ago.

John Moss

At the time (Cases) they were made there was no German code available.

Later they used the “am” head stamp.