8x56r and 6.5x52 Cutaways

The first two are doubles, the rest are all singles. From left to right:
Armor piercing AH/39, blue tip
Spotter AH/4, black tip (the one on the right has real mixture, the left has wolfies #2 powder in tip)
Tracer AH/ 42, green tip…really Armor Piercing/ Tracer, lacquered steel case single primer
6.5x52 Mannlicher Carcano
Multi-ball TM/B38, Model #1, 10 lead segments, the first and last are not split in half
Multi-ball BP/B21, Model #2, 10 lead segments and 1 cn jacketed front projectile
(Left these cores whole, unlike other two where was sanded flat)
Multi-ball TM/B31, Model #?, 6 lead segments (none are split in half)
Armor Piercing BP/B17, Pointed iron core
Frangible Gallery Practice LA/C32, National Shooting Assoc., half granular lead and other half sand core

Fantastic to say the least

Charles. J. Wells (Jack)
Sgm. USA. et.

Jack’s back!!!

What the heck are those “multi-ball” loads?

Multi-Ball Load “Cartuccia a Mitraglia” (“Grapeshot” cartridge) Commonly known as a “Riot/Public Order” or “Guard” cartridge for use in Built up areas for the aforementioned uses. First use during the 1898 General Strike in Milan.

The rifling “unwinds” the split jacket, and the shot pieces disperse into a pattern which will “sting” the target ( depending on the range…close to can be fatal, over 50 metres just like birdshot.)

Most European nations had similar cartridges for “Crowd Control”.

Doc AV

Wolgang, the last Carcano round should be headstamped “LN C32” and not “LA C 32”

The third multiball is a model #2. Only two types of multiball bullets are known. There may be some minor differences, but the real way to tell #1 from #2 is the metal cap on the top of the #1 model bullet

The AP load is very rare in Italy. Some AP cartridges or bullets have been recevered form IWW trenches, but Ithink that most of these cartridges had been fired, destroyed or brought outside Italy in the past. Actually the only samples I have ever seen were listed in US, German or French collector lists

Thanks DocAV and Pivi for adding to the knowledge. Wasn’t sure myself what they really were, was told that they are all frangible. Jean Huons book “Military Rifle and Machine gun Cartridges” is where all my information came from. Had them all apart, the third one really did have just 6 solid fragments without splits.
Interesting about the AP round being rare, which makes me sad because these aren’t mine. Have to make an all out effort now to find one for me because of that cool dart like core!
Yes its LN C 32, sorry about that. kevin

Guard Cartridges are different from the Short Range" Magistri "Frangible cartridges…thin jacket filled with lead dust (two piece tube). The Frangibles were for use in short Indoor ranges, and in Open (walled) ranges in built-up areas.

Doc AV

Thanks for answering the question about the riot rounds.

I inherited some Carcano ammo from my father this past year. Many are first and second generation multi-ball rounds. I also have some stripper clips but they do have rust on them. Is there any interest for these items?


standard multiball Carcano loads ( both I and II types) are sold here for 8-10 euros, but the price may vary according to the headstamp and cartridge conditions. I suspect that these loads can be found at lower prices in the USA

Very interesting sections, thank you for sharing!