8x56R h/s id

Who was the manufacture of this 8x56R


State Ammunition Factory, Kazanluk. (Bulgaria)

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B phi ( Voenni Fabrika== War factory) built at Khazanlak, to the west of Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria. Established in the 1930s, to replace the antiquated Plant of “AC” (Sofia Arsenal).
Also to begin manufacturer of the new “patronnyi mannlikera Cal 8mm S” ( or to the Bulgarians, M934, year of adoption of the Austrian M30 S cartridge).

Good quality brass, Berdan cases ( .217" /5,5mm primer), used both imported and local flake powder ( from Czechoslovakia, Poland, and Germany).

If well kept, the ammo made both pre-war ( 1936-1940) and wartime (up to 44) is of optimum quality…which says something of the efficiency of the Bulgarian Ammo industry, during the 30s and 40s.
Same design cases were also made in Steel, from 41-44, with German assistance.
For some reason, the Bulgarian 8x56R steel cases don’t suffer the internal deterioration found in Wartime German steel cases ( Pinhole rust from powder deterioration). Either the Powder was better made, or the cases were laquered internally…???

Large quantities of both the Brass and steel Bulgarian made ( and Austrian/Nazi made) ammo was released on the Milsurp Market in the late 1980s/90s. Provenance, Bulgaria’s “Communist Strategic reserve”, stored away in the 1950s.

Doc AV

Is the bullet on this particulare cartridge cupro-nickel plated?

Yes it is.