8x56R Headstamp

I have a cartridge which has a headstamp and Green tip that I’m not sure about.
I am leaning towards Danish Government Arsenal manufacture.
Can anyone identify maker and what the green tip indicates ?
Apologies for the poor photo quality

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Csepel Arsenal near Budapest, Hungary.

Denmark never made 8x56R Steyr and the HA logo they were using was not intertweined.

Hi, in Mötz book vol 1, Green is for Tracer ammo = grünen Färbung der Geschoßspitze versehen, analog zur scharfen Patrone verpackt und wie folgt (z.B.) . Perhaps or certainly this is too for Hungarian CTG. Myself i’m no absolutely sure, i’m not expert about theses cartridges …
Bsrg, Dan

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What does the “H” in the “A+H” headstamp mean?
“Hungarian” is Ungarnisch in German and Magyar in Hungarian.

It would make sense for a former part of Austria to use the German ammo code system, especially after WW1. If it was 8mm Lebel instead, then the French system would make sense.

A lot of the new countries in Baltic and Eastern Europe used either reparations 7.9mm Mauser or surplus 8mm Lebel or .303 British cartridges. The Polish even had obsolete Japanese rifles they got from the French and Russians and the Finns received loads of 7.62mm Mosin-Nagants.

I’ve seen pictures of German wartime ammo crates and packets of 8mm Steyr, either for their allies or German troops equipped with Steyr-Mannlicher rifles.

The paragraph shown below (by Josef Motz, recognized autority concerning Austrian and related ammunition) describes the AH headstamp variation between the rounds produced in Hungary verses those rounds produced in Austria by Hirtenberger-

According to the information provided by Motz the round shown by tt600n above was actually produced in Austria by Hirtenberger because it does not have the diacritic “A” and it has the two digit number “31” for 1931. Also production of 8x56R ammunition at Csepel in Hungary did not begin until 1932.

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@ Pivi, Thank you very much for this link.

Please give attention to this part;

Staatsfabrik, Hirtenberg, Ausztria (AH)
Állami Hadianyaggyár, Csepel (ÁH)
Magyar Lőszerművek Rt., Veszprém (ML)

Unfortunately I have never noticed that Hirtenberg also used the “AH” head stamp during WW2. The difference between the Hirtenberg and Csepel head stamp is the tiny stripe (´ ) on top of the “A”.
On the few head stamps on the 8 x 56 rounds in my collection I see that the Csepel head stamp is a little taller as the one from Hirtenberg.




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Hirtenberger started manufacturing 8x56R Mannlicher ammunition for the Hungarians during the inter-war years, starting in the early 1930s. They used the “AH” (Állami Hadianyaggyár) headstamp as a clandestine mark to conceal the fact from the Allied Arms Control Commission, but as Dutch says their cartridges can be distinguished from those made at Czepel by the absence of the diacritic mark above the A.

Diacritic A:

Diacritic A

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So, what I gain from this wonderful discussion is, my cartridge was manufactured by Hirtenberger of Austria in 1931. It is the absence of the small diacritic mark above the A that provides the clue eliminating Hungary as the nation of manufacture. Please correct me if I have read this wrongly.

Thankyou to all for your input and particularly the paragraph from Joseph Motz.

Állami Hadi-anyag-gyár means “State - Military / Materiel / Factory” in Hungarian.

HI All

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