8×56R Manlicher made in 1938

This Cartridge… might be made by Germany?I saw an Eagle on the headstamp,This makes me feel puzzled very much.because in WWII,I remember the German army is widely used the 7.92×57 Mauser rounds,but this Manlicher…emmm,I might need help on this strange headstamp…

Its of Austrian manufacture.
The eagle is on the case, because it was Austrian practice to put an eagle on the ammunition produced by one of the state factories.
In 1938, Germany occupied Austria. Hirtenberger factory was seized from its Jewish owner Mandl and became part of the German Gustloff conglomerate. In the early days of the occupation, the Austrian eagle in the headstamp was replaced by the eagle of Nazi Germany you see on your case.

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Diān, what puzzles me is how the case made it to China 🤔

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After 1945 these rifles and ammo were plentifull exported (by the victors) to all sort of conflict zones and tincan republics.
Last time I saw these in Angola.

And as you know scap metal is being shipped around the whole word.


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DFZ - this exact same ammunition was imported in the tens of thousands of rounds into the United States. I don’t recall when, but I would place it with my bad memory at probably the latter part of the 1960s or early 1970s. We had several thousand rounds of it in our store, all in the original boxes, on clips, and all in excellent condition. At the time, a huge quantity of the Steyr and Budapest-made M95 Carbines were sold in America, at very cheap prices, even for the times. This was the only ammunition generally available for them (they were mostly all, possibly totally all of the 8x56R caliber with “S” marked barrels, as I recall.

It is still commonly found among collectors here.

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