8x56R Mannlicher ID

Are these 8x56R Mannlicher cartridges? Is the one with the Swastika anything special? I also have a charger (clip) with a Swastika.


Hey Ray,

No, nothing special. The swastika was applied to the headstamp after Germany and Austria joined forces. They are very common.



Some background info here: viewtopic.php?f=8&t=8838


Isn’t the flat primer cup in the case at the right in the first picture atypical? I did a little quick googling and see some Bulgarian cartridges with flat primer cups, but the Austrian-made ones are rounded. Is this case a reload? Jack

That’s the story of my cartridge collecting career.

Thanks Dave, Brian, and Jack.

Most of this ammunition that is around today apparently came from Bulgarian storage during the 1990s.

These cartridges are very common indeed.The rifle, modified M95 loads with Mannlicherclips Here’s a picture of a box of it from those days. Each box contained two clips of 5 cartridges.