8x57 aux boxes from 1941 with unusual case lot numbers

What is the meaning of the different case sub lot numbers.
aux 3 L 41 S.m.K. Lspur (gelb )beide  Inhalte
aux 3 L 41 SmK
aux 3 L 41 SmK LspurII
aux 3 L 1 SmK Lspur neu


Never seen this before.
The explanation must have to do with the case description ‚ÄúS(Stahl)pl.lack.‚ÄĚ
Could it be copper clad (plattiert) cases (first lot number) that were later lacquered (lackiert), the second number identifying the new lacquered case lot number?
Just a speculation.

Very logical speculation.


The aux lot 1 and 2 from 41 had only cases Stahl lack.


Sorry if I misunderstand you, but I am afraid I am unsure what the connection to the ‚Äúdouble‚ÄĚ case lot numbers of the original post is.
To me it looks like s.S. cartridge aux lot 1 of 1941 used lacquered cases from lot 61 of 1940.
The Pl.Patr. 33 aux lot 2 of 1941 used lacquered cases from several lots of 1941, which for blanks in my view is not surprising.
If you refer to SmK Lspur aux lot 3 of 1941, I can only say that different component lots (cases, bullets and primers in your example) in the same cartridge lot are in accordance with ‚ÄúTechnische Lieferbedingungen‚ÄĚ: ‚ÄúRestmegen werden der n√§chsten Lieferung zugeschlagen‚ÄĚ Remaining parts of previous lots become part of the next lot.

The first case lot from 1941 was only made with a lacquered steel case.

The only way to explain this marking is that Polte used a ‚ÄúRate‚ÄĚ (batch) by lacquering the CWS cases and put this as an identification marking on the label. It is only seen in 1941 between case lot 2-5.

Of course, it is also used with cases from 1940.

1940 aux

By the blank label, showed by Norbert, the ‚Äúleft overs‚ÄĚ from lacquered case lots were used.


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