8x57 "FN 51" dummy with a round nose

This thing is very heavy and not magnetic. Why such an unusual crimp? And why round nose (not Spitzer) in 1951?


This one was made in Germany from fired cases.

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Made by Heym.

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Gentlemen, I have two of these dummies with two different numbers (51 and 52) which are the year of production I presume. But why then FN and made by Heym?

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Alex, I don’t get it. Why then headstamp FN? Spent cases? First they had to turn off the old headstamp and use a new bunter FN? Why FN? Why not Heym itself? Can’t help it but this looks a rather weird story…

Dirk, now I am not getting it.
Basically it is like this:
You go to a scrap yard or shooting range, pick all 7.9 cases laying around and then just turn them into dummies. Headstamp can be any - in this case they seemingly had a truckload of FN cases (likely from German Border Guards or so).

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Ok I made it too complicated. Cartridges and dummies…

Details of four different 7.9x57 dummy models by Heym (1953):