8x57 M88 headstamp


That is correct John.

From all that I have read on this subject, the Sellier & Bellot factory in Sch



All the information about the Sch



Phil - I have the same headstamp and was going to raise the same question. I have spent the last hour or so going through the book "Munitionsfertigung in Sch



I believe that you are correct John. Here is some more detailed history of theat company that may help:

*************Sellier & Bellot, Sch



WBD - Just a couple of small corrections to your history, regarding name usage.

An 1880 document shows the S&B letterhead name as "Actiengesellschaft zur Fabrication von Z



thank you for showing the 3 position head stamp. I am still try to find one.

John, there is also MW 5 and 6 14 and MW 6 15 known.
In June 1915 MS started with a 90



John , No problem. I, like you, am always interested in getting the facts, as much you ever can …

Regarding translating, you could always scan the pages and then run them thru an OCR program to get it into a digital form. I use PaperPort - but there is bound to be better software out there. You then will need a few corrections including dealing with the "



Dutch–I am a little confused. I thought the “German Codes Page” was your web site, as stated by John Moss. Is the site actually compiled by someone else? Are you and Willem van EIJK two different people?

As far as hosting an update of the listing on the IAA Homepage site, I think it would be an excellent idea, but I am the wrong person to ask about doing it. Although I help administer the Forum, I have very little to do with the Homepage site. You need to talk to John S. about this. However, I can see no reason that it could not be added under the “Collecting Specialties (History and variations)” section. Do you have a master list of the 1000+ unlisted headstamps on your computer? If it was posted on the Homepage, would you be willing to take on the responsibility of keeping it updated?



I guess I was wrong about that website being Willem’s. I assumed it was partially his from his name on it, but it seems like the headstamp list is along the lines of a link rather than an integral part of the website, but not a link in the sense that we normally think of one. Heck, what do I know - its a computer thing, and that leaves me in the “dummy” line. I think I will resetup my electric typewriter, or clean up the Old Underwood upright that my mother gave me (used - couldn’t afford a new one) when I started high school 54 years ago.