8X57 Mauser question

Hi guys, so I am putting everything on a spread sheet, Imperial sporting, metric sporting, military, European sporting etc.

So the question is this i have two 8x57 Mauser cartridges 1st HS is Kynoch 8mm M.S (round nosed copper bullet), 2nd HS is 10 at 12H00 10 S S (CN Bullet). so would the first fall under European sporting and the second under military? That’s what my logic tells me as this was a military and sporting round…

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The Kynoch 8mm MS = Mannlicher-Schoenauer, only a used as sporting rifle & its is 56mm case, and not for the Mauser rifle, although someone may have chambered one for it.
I’m not sure I understand your 2nd hs.

Hi Pete, photo attached.

The round is made by Spandau in October 1910,
The round has an “S” Bullet and is a military round.


Thanks Dutch, so one goes into European sporting and the second into Military as i thought.

when armies from 1886 started to adopt smokeless propellant, small-caliber (for the time), jacketed bullet catridges, they all(!) had round nose bullets.
Only after about 1898, when the French were the first to adopt a streamlined design called “Balle D”, pointed bullet shapes came into military use. Some armies using 6.5 mm cartridges never changed to a pointed design (Italy) or did it very late (Sweden 1941).
Therefore, the rule “round nose means sporting and pointed means military” is simple, but does not really fit the facts.
Your 8 mm Mannlicher-Schönauer is a special case, because it was never adopted by any military and found only sporting (called hunting in central Europe) use. Alas, you will find cartridge history to be infested by special cases that quite limit the practicability of simple rules.

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JPeelen: The 7 m/m Mauser is another caliber in which significant users were late to adopt the pointed bullet: Mexico in the late 1930s (I think) and Spain in the mid 1940s. Jack