8x57 Mauser Turkish

In going through some boxes this week, I ran across a significant quantity of Turkish-made 8x57 ammo I had almost forgotten about. It is clipped and in 70 round (shoddy) cloth bandoliers. I have around a dozen bandoliers. It has probably been close to 15 years since I fired any of it in my 8mm Hakim semiauto (Egyptian). At the time I bought these, it seems there were many Mauser rifles coming on the market from Turkey, selling for around $30-$40 each, but they were fairly beat up. I remember paying next to nothing for the ammo, maybe a nickel a round. One (actually two) of my favorite military rifles are the Ljungman design - the 8mm Hakim and the Swedish AG42b in 6.5x55, substantially identical in most respects except for the caliber and workmanship. It’s been a long time since I fired any of the Turkish ammo, but at the time is seemed to be fairly hot stuff. My old chronograph records say it had an average MV of 2830 ft/sec, enough that I was a little wary of shooting it. It threw the fired cases about 25’, even with the Hakim’s gas valve set low. After rediscovering this trove, I decided to break down one bandolier by pulling the bullets, dumping the powder, and then reloading everything with the powder charge reduced by 10%. As a matter of interest, the Turk rounds had an original propellant charge of approximately 49 grains, which was a thin flake powder with square granules. Except for the square shape, it looks very much like Unique. It is definitely a compressed charge. The bullets have an average weight of around 155 grains, with sort of a dished-in base. The bullet jackets are strongly magnetic, and I am guessing that they may be tin-washed steel. I am attaching pictures of the round and the headstamp (1947). Yes, I know about the neck crack shown in the picture. I’d say about half the rounds have neck splits, but the bullets are still held tightly. Maybe someone can provide some interesting historical details beyond what I know (which is mainly that they are Turkish). I plan to fire some of the downloaded ammo the next time I go to the range, likely next week.

It is loaded for a 29 inch Bolt action rifle barrel, so it gives much too high “port pressure” for any gas operated SA. ( regularly breaks Hakims, FN49s ( even withgas regulator) and horrors, G43s!!!
For GO SA, you need a powderlike 4895 or similar.
Breaking down Turk ammo? Waste of time and money…use it in a bolt
Action long barrel ( Gew98, Vz98/22, M903/30 Turks, Kirikkale
Turks, M98/37 Turks, ATF 1954 Turks.
Remember it is corrosive, clean accordingly.
Turk cases with original powder make good blanks. ( CH4D crimping dies)

Doc AV

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