8x57 S-Geschoss bullet base markings

I have some headstamps on the bases of S-Gescchoss cal. 8x57 Mauser. I can only make a mere supposition who was the manufacturer of this bullets. Please, help me to identify them. My guess-work that there was:

  1. DM - Deutsche Waffen-u. Munitionsfabriken (DWM), Karlsruhe
  2. P - Polte, Magdeburg
  3. M (gotic) - May be Munitionsfabrik, Spandau?
  4. H - Rheinische Metallwarenfabrik, D

Treshkin: I think your identifications of 1-5 are correct. No. 6 is also an M and identifies a bullet produced by Spandau having no antimony added to the lead core as a hardener. The new book on the Gew.98 and Kar.98a arms by Storz has an excellent section on ammo and discusses these base stamps. He states that the early (about pre-1916) bullets with lead alloyed with antimony had various marks in either Latin or Fraktur/Gothic letters. When the antimony was removed the basemark changed from Latin to Fraktur or vice-versa, depending on which style had been the form used originally. I don’t see that he shows any mark that resembles your no. 7. The book also indicates that when the antimony was removed the jackets were “strengthened” to make up for the softer core. JG

Do you have the ISBN for Storz’s book please.


Tony: The English-language edition has ISBN 390252605X. The translation is occasionally quaint but surely preferable to the German unless one’s German is better than mine. JG

Many thanks JG


Thank you!