8x57JR cartridge necked up to .357

I collect old, odd, or any other cartridges that I find interesting. I can spend hours trying to figure out an unusual headstamp. I recently came across a NORMA 8x57 JR cartridge but it is loaded with a .357 jacketed soft point bullet. The 8x57 JR should have a .318 bullet and even the JS should have a .323 bullet. I have been unable to find any info on such a cartridge. Is it a wildcat, has anyone to ever seen one of these? Thanks for any insight. I’m including a photo: the cartridge in question next to a regular 8mm Mauser cartridge. The head stamp reads: NORMA Re 8x57JR.
This is my first post, so if I messed something up… I apologize.

maybe a transformation into a 9x57R or 9.3x57R for express hunting

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Thanks for the reply… I guess you’re correct, I should have figured that out myself. Another interesting cartridge to add to the collection. Thanks again.

This is likely one of the Norma Custom Cases made from 8x57JR for Ashton and probably Factory
loaded. I have seen several examples of the 9x57R with either “NORMA 8x57JR” or “NORMA Re / 8x57JR /” hs. Does yours have the “lines” or not ?

There were others also. In 1949 Ashton advertised the following “custom” ammunition:
6.5x57 Mauser, 7x57 Mauser, 7x64 Brenneke, 9x57 Mauser

There is also an Ashton pkt for “6.5x57R” (M18) with the label “norma custom ammunition” and these contained Norma 8x57JR cases resized to 6.5x57R which may have been carried out by Ashton themselves. Norma never listed that caliber or 9x57 Mauser in catalogs.

Norma never listed the 9x57R in their catalogs either but later definitely produced the 9x57R for Browning using the “BROWNING” hs and can be identified by having NP primers which were only ever used by the Norma factories.

So it is unclear whether these were made by Norma themselves and provided to Ashton or whether Ashton made them from Norma cases. The fact that the 9x57R have been seen in Europe also indicates the former may be most likely.

Thanks… yes it does appear to be a factory made cartridge, not someone’s reload. I’m not familiar with the “Ashton” company that you made reference to, were they a custom ammunition supplier?
The head stamp has no lines, just NORMA Re at twelve o’clock and 8x57JR at six o’clock. I could only upload one photo on my original post. This is a photo of the headstamp. The primer sealant is still intact which also indicated that it was factory made.

Welcome RegularJoe
Actually the primer sealant is not normal on the 5 or 6 Norma Re 8x57JR rounds in my drawers. But those are 8x57JR not what you have, And the reddish color does not seems to be a Norma color. But I may well be wrong on that?

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I agree Pete, I can’t remember seeing primer annulus sealant used on Norma sporting rifle loads but there is bound to be an exception (an unfortunate Cartridge Collecting principle !).

The other “Norma Custom” hs I have seen also do not show such markings but I haven’t seen many and who knows for sure what is done when “custom” ammo is produced !

i see very few norma rifle rounds with primer sealant (for sporting or hunting)
ex: 338 lapua mag with green/blue one or 358 norma mag with green one

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Ashton & Co. advertised Norma products at least as early as January 1952. Here is an ad from the October 1952 issue of American Rifleman magazine. I doubt very much that Norma would ever knowingly release factory made cartridges with an incorrect headstamp.

You are right Ammogun

308 Norma Mag (Green)
7x61 S&H (Green)

-all with “norma” hs.

But I haven’t seen the 338 Lapua with a green primer annulus ?

Vidar, Ashton advertised Norma products from 1948
A 1949 ad was shown in a previous post by you. I also have a 1948 Ashton Ad with Norma mentioned.

I agree about whether: “I doubt very much Norma would ever knowingly release factory made cartridges with an incorrect headstamp”. What about modified cases ?

Brad, I forgot about my previous post. Being too lazy to search my American Rifleman magazines again, that’s why I said “at least as early”. Even if Norma modified existing cases, would they release them from the factory, or have I misunderstood your question? Of course, modifying cases for internal use at the Norma factory is a possibility, but how many of these would turn around the world?