I don’t know anything about 8mm ammo and I found this amongst a collection of 7.62x51mm that I got recently and I was wondering what it is as the tip has a slight hollow in it.

h/s: DAG 55
Annuals Colour: Green
Case mouth colour: Green
There appears to be a printed ink stamping on the side of the case (very faint) " (something) 8x57 JS "


My guess is that the tip of the bullet has had an “aftermarket modification”.
This is normally done with a hacksaw or benchgrinder


That was done in the 80th and 90th in Germany. DAG made this ammo in 1955 for Border police (Bundesgrenzschutz).
The Military ammo was somewhat restricted by law and so the fmj bullet was
"converted" in a soft point by cutting the tip. To that the civil caliber was printed on the cartridge. That way it was civilised and free for sale.
A good example for weird laws.
That ammo raise trouble from time to time, when the jacket rip of and stuck in the barrel and only the core flew away. Mostly not realised by the shooter, he fired the next round and produce bulb barrels or even blown offs.

There are a lot of calibers with that modification - .303, 8mm Lebel, 8 x 57, 30 06 ect…


Thanx for the information, I thought it might be some sort of civi conversion. A similar thing was done to some New Zealand produced CAC 7.62x51 L2A2 ammunition. Luckily this wasn’t done because of the arms laws instead so it could be used for hunting.