8x58 Danish Rimmed

Any sources, stashes, leads out there?
Thanks coastie

Have a Norwegian Remington as lot 485 in my latest sale, The Danish are relatively common.
most any cartridge show should have one ot more.

There were several who made them.

Denmark (Hærens Laboratorium - Hærens Arsenal - Ammunitionsfabrikken Otterup)
Sweden (Marieberg)
Norway (Raufoss)
Germany (DWM)
France (SFM)

And lots of variations.

Here’s some info and the headstamps for most of the sporting 8x58R:


And here’s an updated version of the sporting hs variations I now know of:

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Not to forget the Maxim production of 1916 which was made for Denmark.
Headstamp is “MMC 1916”

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Worth noting,
Many original Danish examples will have cracked case mouths and signs of brass deteriorating.




Gee that Larsen is a great headstamp. What does the DRAMNFR stand for? A city?
Didn’t know North Devon or Elwood made it either. Very nice!

Hi Pete
I think the headstamp is H.Larsen - Drammen, where Drammen is a city in Norway

You are missing the Swedish headstamps in the picture

In fact, Norway was the first to approve this Danish cartridge for the army in 1888, the year before Denmark and Sweden, for its Remington carbine …
Here is a quite unkommon package of 10 cartridges from the
Hovedarsenalets (main hall?) laboratory in 1894.
If there is known any of these from other years,please let us know…
Raufoss marked cartridges are known from 1899.
(see headstamp: http://kvf.no/ammo-8x58RD.php


Hans Larsen was a well known Norwegian gunsmith from Drammen,as m89 says.

PetedeCoux…The only two unheadstamped 8X58 i know of,is a Danish (with small primer) and one who is listed as “unknown” i my old catalouge (from 1985)…are you sure your nr 485 is Norwegian?
Best Regards

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Howdy Finn
It has a large flat, almost flush primer unlike any of the Danish examples I’m aware of…
It is like the top left in Brad’s photo.
But no proof other than the primer being so different.
For whatever it’s worth I also have a 10.15mm Jarmann with this same style primer, unheadstamped, Mauser Base & paper patched lead bullet.

I our sale #4 lot 586 we had the below write-up that may id both my 10.15 and this 8x58R? I welcome you thoughts.

This 8x58R Danish with experimental silver-plated lead bullet reportedly designed by Nagant. There is no headstamp, and the primer is large (.228”/ 5.80mm) flat brass. The silver is tarnished and has flaked away in spots revealing that it is very thin.
This was a consignment from E.L. Scranton, as I recall.

Looks like a broken bunter, thanks for the help.


Please enlighten me as to the Swedish Sporting 8x58R HS I have missed - always keen to add to my database !

I do know that there are many pre-WW2 boxes of reloads of military cases by Norma using “HL” cases but I have only included these if known boxes contained all the same hs eg that "HL 19 V.I.27 28 " shown above.

Note that my interpretation of “Sporting” = Hunting + Target Shooting

Here are a couple of Swedish headstamps from Marienberg ( M ). The last headstamps are knowm from 96, 97 and 99. I think they are reloads just like the HL from Denmark.

There is also an early Danish with a L in the headstamp. Note this one has a large primer, while Danish HL cartridges used a small primer.
sk%20M1889%201a%20b sk%20M1889%201a%20s


Thanks for these -

The first one is the same hs as the first one in my image only the “M 95” is much more readable.

I note that both the Marieberg (? not Marienberg ?) examples have the RWS N-in-crest Sinoxid primer that RWS mainly used to provide for other companies (eg GECO - see the example above, DWM, Thun etc). So these are most definitely reloads as they were a post WW1 product.

The " U+2143.svg L" hs with the reverse-L symbol is unusual and I haven’t seen it used before. What is that symbol ? Is it an obscure Danish symbol ? No dates so possibly not for military use. Thanks for showing us this and the info re being early Danish, large primer etc.

Much appreciated M89

WBD the “M” is for Marieberg, a Swedish ammunitionsfactory just outside Stockholm: https://sv.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stockholms_garnison#Marieberg
Marienberg is in Germany I think.
Some of the earlist 8x58RD cartridges are without headstamp or with a “L” and a large primer. The HL headstamp are known from 1890 and 1892( all with a small primer) and later, but I would say the first are not common. I think, there were some problems at the danish factory (HL) in the startup, that is also the reason, why the danish military imported a lot of cartridges in 1892 (DM - 92). The reverse “L” headstamp have I only seen on this cartridge, and I don’t know the meaning of it.
I forgot this sporting headstamp know from 55, 58 and 59.

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If we’re going to list them all then “Dansk Ammunitionsfabrik” i Otterup had Norma make 8x58RD with their own headstamp.


Thanks for the extra info !

I have an 8x58R Danish ctg , large primer, RN FMJ steel jacket bullet, no hs loaded with BP and wax wad between two card wads under bullet. Is this early Danish or Swedish?

I suspect a cartridge from the Danish shooting society.
They had reloaded for the Danish M1867 Remington since 1884 and was used to large (1/4") Berdan primers so the new cases for the 8x58RD was supplied accordingly.
The original Arsenal manufactured round nose bullets were CN and not steel so i suppose a bullet bought in Germany.
The original Arsenal BP load was 72grains heavily compressed with another 7grains lose as an ignitor load.