8x58R Danish Krag hs ID


Can anyone identify the hs “MMC 1916” on a 8x58R Danish Krag?


MMC is the Maxim Munitions Corporation; this ammunition was made in the U.S. and has a Boxer primer. Jack


This would be Maurice Megret Cartouches, Annemasse, France. they made obsolete cartridges for collectors. Sicne 1983.


Jack, that’s great info, thanks a lot!

Cartridgecorner, the cartridge was made in 1916 so I think we can exclude Megret.


MMC is the Maxim munitions corporation, but there were not many made, as they could not live up to the quality so the order was moved to Remington, the cartridges were part of the payment to Danmark for the Virgin Islands


AH! That’s one I didn’t have right! Thank you EOD and all for getting me educated on this one.

Don’t remember just how I got that one, but at least now I know what MMC is…



EOD could you please post an image of the cartridge. I know it only as fired or blank.


Torben: Thanks for connecting the U.S. production of the Krag cartridges to the sale of the Virgin Islands. I had always wondered what the story was behind the MMC and Remington 8 m/m Krag ammunition. Jack


The deal between Denmark and the USA was fixed in 1917. Do you know the reason why MMC made the cartridges already in 1916? The known Remington cartridges are stamped “RA 17”.

Is it known how much rounds were made by MMC and RA?


m89, you are right, it is a blank in Dansih style, means blue head and blue tip at the wooden projectile.


Torben, thanks a lot for the background, very interesting to hear.


Ooops yesin 1916 was Maxim Munitions fopr sure…I did not look too closely. Sorry for the confusion.


Searching for details on the company I just found this one at a historc document dealer’s website - would have bought it if not too complicated to do:


The whole site:


The deal between Danmark and the USA was fixed in 1917 but negotiations probably started something before, maybe the deal was postponed because the quality of MMC was not good enough, I know that Denmark paid an American lawyer $ 100,000 to get out of contract with MMC.