8x58R Danish Krag M89 with headstamp L

i Got this Krag round wich manufacturer is it ??

Greetings from Germany

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Till the true experts will show up:
This is supected to be Lorenz of Germany for Denmark.

This could well be the double “L” hs discussed before here: 8x58-danish-rimmed

Some of these 8x58R hs are very faint !

“L” was used for Hærens Laboratorium (army laboratory) from 1889 to 1892. In 1892 it changed to “HL” and in 1937 to “HA”

“L” and “HL” = Hærens Laboratorium (Army Laboratory)
“HA” = Hærens Ammunitionsarsenal (Army Munitions Arsenal)

Chickenthief, thank you for clearing this up!

Is there a time frame that can be connected to the “L”?

So any ideas about that “L” and reversed “L” hs ?
Could this be a bunter/strike error ? and it should just be “L” ?


I have notes that say that the plain “L” hs was evidently used when the facility was just known as “Laboratorieværksteder” (meaning Laboratory Works) - is that correct ?.

If the case with the single L was made between 1889 and 1892, it should bear an ogival bullet instead of a sharp one, must be a reload…

Yes, the 8x58RD with “L” shown at the top is a reload, the projectile is from 1908 or later

Thank you to confirm my thoughs

My only “L” example is definitely a reload, a purple wood bullet blank. The entire round appears to be colored purple.

Not a Danish thing!
The Arsenal used white, red, blue and green.
I never heard of purple as an official colour.

Reversed “1” denotes cases delivered to Grundholm in the city of Hedensred (Jutland) munitions factory for loading (noted in Army technical corps writings of 28 february 1931).

Thanks Chickenthief

Great to be able to make sense of that hs.