8X58R Danish


Looking though my junk box I found this 8x58 R Danish. This is out of my collection area. I believe it was manufactured by Haerens Laboratium Copenhagen in 1931. This may be a dumb question but what does the H.I.30 stand for?


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That is a quite unique Danish thing.

It denotes who supplied the raw brass by letter, and what part of the batch (In Roman ciphers) and finally what year it was bought.

H = Hemburg Holland
S = Swedish either Svenska Metallverken or Sjöberg & Bergsten
V = Valseværket (Dansk Kabel og Tråd) Denmark

H. I. 30
Means brass from Hemburg bought in 1930 and I denotes first part used of the batch.

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Thanks for the quick reply.


Come on, Chickenthief. It’s Hem_brug_ a location on the factory-area of the Dutch Artillerie Inrichtingen, headstamp AI.

As far as i know Hemburg is where the factory of Aron Hirsch was located and they were the supplier.

I agree. But it’s Hembrug . Not burg. When you spell Swedish and Danish names correctly, you should do the same with Dutch.

Yes :-))

My source spelled it that way, i’m sorry.

Not to worry the spelling cops will get you every time :-)