8x58R Krag headstamp questions


Here are some pictures with 8x58R Danish Krag headstamps.
Can’t find info regarding meaning of headstamps I.14, V.I.15, V.II.18, V.I.25 and H.I.38. Can somebody help me with identification of those parts of headstamps?
Also, another one stupid question - Does circles and star in first and second headstamps indicate reloading?

Thanks for any info


The circle means reloading at the A/S Dansk Ammunitionsfabrik Otterup (Danish Ammunition Factory Otterup ), and the star means reloading at the Hærens Laboratorium ( Army Laboratory )


V = Material supplier
I = Supply No.
15 = Year of delivery

S = Unknown
A = Unknown
V = strip mill, Nordisk Kabel og Tråd (Nordic Cable and Wire)
H = Hirsch

I = first delivery
II = Second delivery
III = Third delivery
IV = Fourth delivery


Thank you very much for your quick and exact answer, Torben!