8x59RB Breda

Why was Breda M37 designed for a rebated round? What is the advantage over regular rimless? Most of Italian home made weapons were rimless, so why not to go the German way like MG34?
Can someone explain to me the following from Wikipedia:
Another peculiarity of the design is that the spent cases were reinserted in the strip as each round was fired.


Using the same rim diameter as existing MG cartridges allowed one to reuse the bolt (and with it extractor, ejector etc), but rebarrel the gun for a more potent cartridge. Remember- the Breda was made for both 7,92x57 IS and 8x59 Breda. When they share the rim diameter, you don’t need a specific bolt with specific extractor, as you can use the same one as for 7,92x57 IS.

This is also the case with the Norwegian 7,92x61 “tung” or “heavy”, which was used in firearms that could also shoot 7,92x57 “lett” or “light”. As they shared the same head diameter it made logistics much easier as one didn’t need specific parts for the “heavy” caliber bolt. There was one parts kit instead of two separate.



Wikipedia refers to feeding mechanism. The gun is not belt fed, but by open metal clips (caricatori) holding 20 rounds each. The clips went through the mechanism very similar to a belt, but were stiff metal frames with the rounds in slots on the top side. Instead of handling the belt, the assistant gunner had to insert one 20 round clip after the other during firing. The gun mechanism, when extracting the fired case from the chamber, put it back into its slot in the clip.
A fired clip therefore held the now empty cases.


The clips were reused and the MTs kept the clip from getting bent.

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With respect to removing the fired cases from the feed strip there is at least the theoretical possibility of easier recycling of the brass. While this seems impracticable on the battlefield, for training use it might pay benefits. Remember that in this period Italy was strapped for raw materials of most kinds and anything that could reasonably be recycled was likely considered. Jack

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Sorry, what is MT?

MT empty