8x60-56R Kropatschek headstamps

The information submitted on the other two threads about Portuguese Ammunition Factories and the 8x60/56Rmm Kropatschek is really getting interesting. I am going to try to summarize what

I have the GR [monogram]//1905// Ball CNCS bullet 56mm case, plus ball loads for FA 1904 and 1905, both in 56 mm case. I also have in 60mm one headstamped ‘96’ with CNCS bullet and a brass primer with an odd raised center, and one unheadstamped with CNCS bullet and brass primer.


About the


Nice collection. You can add two new HS to your list:

The ‘96’ is all that’s there.

While the primer appears in the picture to be dented, it actually protrudes outward.


Thanks for the additional information. I think most, if not, all the wooden blanks listed (with the exception of the blanks without headstanps) are reloads. They have the appearance of having been chemically treated before they were reloaded.
I will make a change to the origin of the

I also have an unheadstamped dummy with a 60mm case, with a turned brass bullet and struck brass primer.

Hmmm…I also have one listed in my log with an intertwined HA / * / 1918 / * / headstamp. That one might be a mistake, better go check!

My mistake…a faint AE, sorry.

Ive got quite a few examples…
but youve already covered them pbutler :(
Im feeling a bit left out, I might have to go and open some more packets and check the h/s :)
Good going guys, the information is really flowing now.


French HS - GG logo - Gevelot/Gaupillat

I had to look in my collection because I was writing with my memory. So I have to update the HS I gave you: “S.T 18 93 GG” , no traces, no second point.


I located a variation of the ‘96’ headstamped 8 x 60R Kropatschek, this one with a period ahead of the ‘96’. I can see no evidence of a period on the other ‘96’ headstamp that I posted the picture of earlier, but this may be the result of it being lightly stamped or worn.

Can’t help with the S T but here is what I have, unknown French cartridge component maker, usually found as part of the headstamp on French military cartridges.
From old list showing French military codes from A to Z, I think possibly 40 or more years old, no author but the list is headed French Government codes for military small arms ammunition. Ther are many, many headstamps shown on the list, and S T is one of the very few marked “unknown”.
Some French collectors may have a more complete or up to date version.

If some of you measure carefully their samples they will perhaps discover a scarce one : the 7.5 X 59.6
(exact diameter of the bullet : 7.62 to 7.68)
total length of the ctge : 76.45

The “F&C” headstamp is actually the Austrian firm of Keller & Co.
The “96” headstamp is made by DWM.

Some more variations.

  • F A * 1904 Brass projectile
  • F . A * 1905 Brass projectile
  • F . A * 1906 wood projectile
  • FA [monogramed] * 1907 wood projectile [very poor stamp] 10x to see
  • AE [monogramed] * 1919 ball [nickle jacket] magnetic
  • AE [monogramed] * 1907 wood projectile
  • A . E * 1907 wood projectile