8x72R Sauer ID


Please see the below headstamp. Was this of Czechoslovakian manufacture? Also does anyone know what the 360 indicates?

Thanks for any information.


Heavyiron–Go to the following thread for a discussion of the same question about “360” on a 8x57R.


PS is Pov

Thanks Ron. The information really helps me to be accurate when logging my cartridges.


[quote=“heavyiron”]Thanks Ron. The information really helps me to be accurate when logging my cartridges.


Hi Heavyron,

You seems to collect sporting ammo.
If it is the case, and want to understand the European rounds (all except British ones) you absolutely need to buy the two books of Dixon.
They are a must.

Very strange at the first glance because all the ctges are not in the regular order : diameter of the bullet x case length we are in the habit of sorting them.
They are sorted by families determined by the base where they are from, and inside a family they are in the regular order.

But when you carefully read the book and try to sort your cartriges you come to the conclusion he did something very smart and usefull.

Just a little black point. All the dimensions are a little bigger than reality (1/10 of mm).

If you can find these books buy them, they are great.


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This cartridge project in the year 1898 W.Brenneke . Originate necking older cartridges 9.3x72 R. Name 7X72 R Sauer is only synonym, Sauer manufactured rifles in this calibre. Cartridges was intended for hunt medium - weight animal and was I know a only in Europe - mostly was used in central Europe. Mostly was producing in Germany, Austria and Czechoslovakia.
Cartridges is different from similar cartridges 7.2x72 R and these aren’t interchangeable. Table PS:

                        360/8x72            8.2x72

Rim 12.35 12.25
Base 10.85 10.25
Case 72.00 72.20

Firm PS  produce  all time his activities, but after WW II already for only home market. Was marketed with lead bullet  (round  with longitude 19.6 mm / weight 9.2 g and flat 16.5 mm), and with four sorts soft point bullets ( 21.0 mm - 22.5 mm). Loaded : for example bullett 9.8 g with 2.35 g powder type Semtin SM 5  = V 25 m is  615 m/s.

In Czechoslovakia be producing M (Municni zavody Bratislava) , Z (Zbrojovka Brno), PS (Povazske Stroj