8x82 What?

Unknown Cartridge, Dummy as case seems solid, base was filed off

Bullet diameter 7.70 mm
Neck Length 14.16 mm
Case length 83.41 mm, magnetic
Base diameter 14.93 mm
Rim diameter 15.07 mm

??8x82 Peterlongo??
Austrian Gunsmith, Pre-WWI.


I cannot seem to find any related material on that round 8x82 Peterlongo

There is no “8x82” Peterlongo that I am aware of…

It appears to be based on the .416 Rigby base dimensions but there is nothing like this in the ECRA-Dataviewer

anyone else have an answer?

Here is what I know there is a 8+71mm Peterlongo and a 9+71mm Peterlongo the
Cartridges were designed by family Johann Peterlongo of Insbruck Austria also
manufactured by Hirtenberg.G.ROTH awarded the case N0 790 to this one.The 9+71mm
has the case N0 783 by Roth. I have the 8+71mm with the stamp Peterlongo designed
for various Sporting arms of various types and makes.the Cartridge shown on top as far
as I can see has noyjing to do with a Peterlongo

I will reiterate what I stated above - There is no 8x82 Peterlongo !

The only reason the name “Peterlongo” was added to this thread is due to another of DOCAV’s wild speculations which somehow convinced the original poster to change the title from “Unknown Cartridge” to “8x82 Peterlongo ?” &*&%$###

If you want info on the Peterlongo cartridges I can provide plenty but it has nothing to do with this thread !!

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When I Speculate ( wildly or with good evidence), I do so with the premise of seeking positive or negative Feedback…for the further improvement of Knowledge…
The Greeks called it “Thesis vs
As far as Peterlongo is concerned, I just remembered a very old edition of Datig, which had several very long Drilling Ctgs under his name. My speculation, based on those “long” cases was as to whether Peterlongo had ever made such? NOT that it was definitely one!!!
Sometimes one throws a hand grenade into a lake, to see what floats to the surface!

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Is it just me or does the case look like it is made of steel?

Vic notes the case as magnetic.
Someone with to much extra time on their hands, a lathe, a spare bullet & a primer or piece of copper

I agree Pete - probably just a one-off !

The title of this thread needs to be changed. Either back to “Unknown Cartridge” or if the ‘caliber’ is to be used then it should at least match what the case is - ie “7.7x83R Unknown” and remove the “Peterlongo” which is just misleading.

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That would be my opinion also. It looks to have been coated with gold paint or lacquer to give the appearance of brass.

I made some similar things while learning to operate a lathe.

An X-Ray would likely show it to be solid steel.

Some of you will remember a gentleman named Bob Rowe, he donated his collection(s) the the NRA’s Whittington Center in Raton NM, and i priced his collection(s) for his donation(s) / tax wrire-off’s.
He was a gunsmith at one time and had a lathe (or 2?) and he had some rare cartridges in his collection, Unfortunately some were ‘reproductions’ but being the good guy he was, the workmanship on them was crap. & on purpose, so no one would mistake them for real.

Opps. I over looked that.

Thank you for all your time and effort. I am now sure it’s a one off made by some one
But if you make one would you not copy an existing cartridge?

Perhaps they tried, messed up a few times and thought ‘close enough’.

you or I might try to accurately duplicate a cartridge, but who knows what another (perhaps non-collector / historian) might be thinking.