9 & 10 mm FAR Experimentals

Before Lapua started producing drawn and properly headstamped cases in 9 mm FAR, the first trials took place using lathe turned cases. These cases were made and loaded by LCM for experimental use only. Tanfoglio and Mr. Cudazzo developed a 10 mm FAR cartridge too. Although some pistols in this caliber had been cataloged in Italy, no one went beyond the experimental stage and drawn brass in 10 mm was never made.

For more info about the 9 mm FAR go here:

These samples come from LCM and are NUPE cases and have no headstamps. The gunsmith Marco Rigido also experimented with these cartridges but he made the cases on his own. I don’t know if those cases are identical or differ slightly form the ones used by Tanfoglio.

The 9 mm FAR experimental case is identical to the commercial version by Lapua, except for the rim that has a beveled shape.
Here the dimensions of the 10 mm FAR case:
Outside mouth diam: 10.05 mm - .396"
Inside mouth diam : 9.60 mm - .378"
Head diam : 10.74 mm - .423"
Rim diam : 10.67 mm - .420"
Case lenght : 24.10 mm - .945"

In the picture, from left: 9 mm FAR by Lapua ( reload) , 9 mm FAR experimental , 10 mm FAR experimental

The beveled rims of the two experimental cases:

The 10 mm FAR

Pivi - interesting stuff. Have never seen the 10 mm FAR at all, or the 9 mm FAR with that kind of bevel on the rim. I guess my examples are all Lapua cases. Thanks for posting the pictures.

Pivi, very interesting info, thanks for sharing.

Still wondering about the conical shape of the 10 mm FAR case. With an inside mouth diam of 9.60 mm, reloading this case with a standard Fiocchi 10 mm bullet ( the same used in the first trials) push out the neck walls and the loaded cartridge would have a very strange shape.

Anyway, there’s a picture of a loaded 10 mm FAR case in an italian gun magazine. Although small, the pictured round has that distinctive shape. The fired case will be surely straight but I wonder why reducing the case capacity with that extra-tapered case.

Pivi, do you know if any 9 mm FAR cases were made with a 23.15 mm length? I’m asking you this because that’s the case lenght shown in a drawing.

I dont’ know, but I can do some research.

Lapua cases are 23.99 mm long and the lathe turned version is 24.15 mm long.

These are the CIP drawings of the two FAR calibers.

Note that the 10 mm FAR in the drawing has a straight shape!

Some interesting news:

I have obtained a 10 mm FAR NUPE sample case from Marco Rigido, the other gunsmith who experimented the 10 mm FAR cartridges and pistols.

His cases are slightly different than the ones by LCM. Still unheadstamped and lathe turned but with a square rim.

Even dimensions are different, these cases are straight and not tapered as the other ones.

10 mm FAR by Marco Rigido:

inside mouth diam : 10.06 mm
outside mouth diam : 10.65 mm
head diam : 10.65 mm
rim diam : 10.83 mm
case lenght: 24.14 mm