9/11 ten years on

Just a thought for those who died. I don’t want to touch on the conspiracy theories or all the stuff that sourrounds it today.Leave that alone for another time.
The biggest cause of death was not the attacks but among the rescuers who got hit by asbestos dust and they were the bravest of all.
The world has not been the same since.
As a Brit, my condolences to the American people. thinking of you all today.

It is actually 9 years this year, but your thoughts were in the right place by posting it.

When that happened I was 10 years old. That week I had just started my last year of what we call primary school (elementary school to anyone on the other side of the Atlantic). I am 19 now, I can’t believe it was nearly 10 years ago.

To our British friends here, I thank them for sending their best wishes to Americans. But let’s remember that citizens of perhaps dozens of different countries were murdered that day by a few insane extremists. Condolences to the families and countries of all that were slain.

John Moss

I wanted to join all our American Friends to remember the 11th of October.

As said before, the best way of mourning is always to remember, and, sorry for the too religious kins, some things are not to be forgiven, ever.


Vince - thank you for raising the topic. Sadly enough, the whole issue of 9/11 does have an Ordnance angle, which is to say the whole “conspiracy” thing which you mention - those people thinking that thermite explosives or whatever had anything to do with it as part of a plot.
–I’d like to be the first to say that those fringe individuals are not even worthy of being called “conspiracy theorists”, if such a title even has any honor. The 9/11 truthers are a confused, naive, and self-serving lot who feel that they are somehow enlightened or special because they are privy to their own misguided contrivances about a real terrorist act.

Never forget this horrible tragedy! And on a minor note look how this has affected transporting collector cartridges for people who fly that are members of this Forum. Especially those collectors who live in Europe. Tom from Minnesota

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