9Х18ПМ spf "Takho",Ukraine

Greetings, here’s a patron began to equip Scientific Production Firm “Takho”,http://takho.ua/en/products/pistol-ammunition
He has already been limited to some weapons stores in Ukraine (only for premium weapons)
Equipped with an expansive bullet of its own design.


Any closer pictures of the nose or cavity?

I’ll try to do it with the opportunity.

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And it is loaded in steel cases right? :-)

After seeing this on a bigger screen it almost looks like a more aerodynamic Makarov version of the “Flying Ashtray”

It does look to have a gaping hollow point, reminiscent of a flying ashtray, or the style of JHP used by Super-Vel now on their ammo. I would think in a country with long winters and people wearing heavy layers of clothing they might be more cognizant of plugging that can occur in projectiles like that which are not skived, scored, center-posted, or pre-segmented. It should at least do better than FMJ most of the time anyway.

But isn’t it being marketed as “match” ammo? Granted, OTM is typically not that open.

If actually being marketed as “Match Ammunition” as the box label
implies, the hollow point may be to redistribute the weight of the
bullet (center of gravity) to improve accuracy, perhaps thru lengthening
the bearing surface of the bullet. Depending on the construction of the
bullet, it could be open at the tip so that it is completely closed at the
bottom, allowing more precision in the flattening of the base of the bullet,
the reason many rifle match bullets are hollow-points. The latter point
would not, however, explain the very large hollow point.

Just a thought, and not very scientifically explained. My interest in ammunition
has always been more to the historical than to the technical.

John Moss

Plus isn’t there some evidence about hollow pointed ammunition causing some kind of air cavitation, “pushing” the air out of the way with less resistance?

Equipped in a brass sleeve.

You are misunderstood about our winters)) Such as this year is more an exception than the rule)

" Match" not more than the wish of the producer)

Azov, look out for brass washed steel cases then.

The most important question:

Do they feed well in the old Makarovs?

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Azov - that is precisely why I used the terms “marketed as Match ammunition.” A lot of “Match” ammunition sold is no better than ordinary ball, and I have experience some not even as good. I Had a fair quanity of Lake City 7.62 x 51 mm Match ammo years ago. A jobber sent our store, as a “worst case” sample of then
hardly known Portuguese Ball 7.62 x 51 ammo, all mixed lots and dates, and rather dirty, for us to test it and see if we wanted to buy any (with the guarantee, quite well lived up to that it would be better by far than the sample). The sample shot very much tighter groups than did the LC Match, tested in a match M1A (M14), an FN FAL and a Remington Heavy Varmint Class Model 40X-XBR with 30X telscopic sight. There has been a huge amount of loadings sold on the market over years marked on the boxes and the advertising as “Match,” when most of it was just straight production stuff.

John Moss

This is brass, as in other calibers (for rifled weapons) of this firm.

This is brass but as said, there is steel too.

“Takho” does not equip cartridges for rifled weapons in steel sleeves. In any case now. Just take a word)

They do, take my word as I have seen them.

Do you make a mistake? Can I have a photo?
I worked in this firm, and keeping in touch with friends who work now, they do not have steel cartridges for rifled weapons, they can appear in the event that they start to do caliber 9PA

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