9.3 x 54R or 9.3x53R

Is the 9.3mm X 54mm R Hebler and the 9.3x53R Sako the same cartridge?

Seeing no one else has had a go at this , I’ll offer what I know. These cases are not the same but are overall quite similar.

The 9.3x53R Finnish was of course based on the 7.62x53R Finnish case (I won’t get into the debate as to whether this is interchangeable with the 7.62x54R Russian). This was commercially introduced c1946.

The very rare “LORENZ + KARLSRUHE +” headstamped 9.3x53/54R two piece cases are generally agreed to be the 9.3x53R Hebler M1884 (ref Datig, Woodin Labs = ECRA database). Several two-piece case were produced by Lorenz in the mid 1880’s and were referred to as “Hebler” designs.

The case head diameters are similar but the Finnish has a significantly larger diameter rim c14.3 vs c13.9mm), longer neck (c11mm vs c9mm) and higher shoulder(c39mm vs 37mm). The Hebler would probably fit in a 9.3x53R Finnish chamber but I don’t believe that these are interchangeable and certainly from a ‘collectors perspective’ are different cartridge case-types.

and from your Book , dear WBD, they are not the same as the 9,3x53R M26 Swiss, and the finnish 9,3x53R is up to the bullet diameter very close to the russian 9x53R, but the russian bullet diameter is only a real 9mm…
Because we just had a courtcase, as a swiss customer asked a german gunsmith to rebore his rifle for 9,3x53R Swiss, and the good man, cut him a chamber for the 9,3 Finnish, ruining his rifle to scrap…