9.3x53 Swiss sporting D-5-S-24 headstamp


It is a rimless necked rifle round, about 9x54mm, body is 12.5mm. I cannot ID it.


Have you got a view from the side? The headstamp layout definitely LOOKS military, but I can’t think of any military that would’ve been using a round like that as late as 1924. ???


Very Swiss-looking headstamp. What kind of bullet does it have? Wildcat on a Swiss military case???


The cartridge case should be, or originally was, a 7.5 x 55mm Swiss for the Straight Pull Model 1911 Schmidt-Rubin rifle. It was produced in May 1924. The “D” stands for “Dornach” and the “S” stands for Soluthorn. Reference:

"Schweizerische Patronenboden-Bezeichnungen (Cartridge Headstamps of Switzerland) 1867-1985, by Michael am Rhyn.


Firstly, sorry, it is about 9mm, see above for corrected info. Secondly, no bullet. Thirdly, as a proof of no-bullet, here is a side view.


Very definitely it began life as a 7.5x55 Swiss military cartridge. If the c/m ID is now 9mm, it underwent some alteration.



This cartridge is commercial production of the 9.3x53 Swiss sporting cartridge (likely the M25 = SW6 in Dixon) from ex-military cases.

Werner Wichser produced these in the 1930s using ex-military cases (with either military hs or the hs milled off) as this was cheaper than government production.