9.3x62 headstamp background/history


I have just added two more cartidges to my 9.3x62 collection and would like to know a little more about them if anyone can please throw some more light on the following questions.

The first has the headstamp M+FA CSX 9.3/62 and I understand that it would have been manufactured at the government factory, Altdorf, Switzerland. In some headstamp notes given to me in the past, that headstamp has 1956 against it. Does that mean that was the first year of manufacture?


The second has the headstamp SBP Ô 9.3x62 Ô. Is this an earlier headstamp for Sellier & Bellot, Prague, Czechoslovakia? Their headstamp more recently being S & B Ô 9.3x62 Ô and then S & B Ô 9.3x62 . If SBP Ô 9.3x62 Ô is the older of them all, as of what year was it used?

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re the Swiss example. This was the last year known for M+FA production (CSX = 1956). There are five years of production known starting with “M+FA QST 9.3x62” = 1947.

For the Czech hs you have, the double “Neroxin” symbols were used on “SBP” hs from c1936 until mid 1983 when the “S&B” hs replaced “SBP”. The double “Neroxin” symbols were still used on “S&B” until 1996/97,

The “Neroxin” primers were patented by Sellier & Bellot in 1933.


Thank you very much for that info. Excellent.



Just a bit of additional info that dates that “SBP” cartridge more accurately:

The Povazske Strojarne company (PS hs) was the first Czech company to produce the 9.3x62 and this was from 1949 till 1953 when it went out of the business of producing Sporting ammunition. After that Sellier & Bellot took over production of most of the more popular sporting calibers that it hadn’t already produced. This included the 9.3x62 so S&B listed the 9.3x62 after WW2 starting in 1954 until at least 1975 and again from at least from 2005 until the present day- it wasn’t listed in c2000 catalogs and I don’t have any S&B catalogs from 1976 to 1998.

So this dates your “SBP” case from 1954 until at least 1975 and likely later but not past 1983.


Thanks WBD.

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