9.3x64 by NORMA?

A few years ago I remember seeing reference (Gunbroker) to loaded 9.3x64 Brenneke cases with Norma headstamp being available in generic Norma packets.

Can anyone confirm that such cases exist ?

Both the Swedish collectors Bengt Julen and Sören Thuren, as well as Vidar Andresen from Norway, have published list of cases manufactured by Norma in the Scandinavian cartridge collector’s journal. The lists are based on Norma catalogues and, possibly, their own colletions. As far as I know, no 9,3x64 have ever been mentioned in any of those listes.

Thanks for your feed back Morten. What you say agrees with my studies of Norma catalogs and I have a similar list of Norma production dates produced from many Norma catalogs and advertisements dating back to 1947.

However not all Norma production is shown in catalogs; eg 257 Condor, 9.3x72R D, 6.5x54 Swedish and maybe even 7.62x39 and 6mm PPC.

So we can not be sure. It’s generally easier to prove something exists than it doesn’t. Maybe they were produced by a third party from other cases ? like the 6.5x57R Norma in Ashton & Co pkts which had “NORMA 8x57JR” hs ?

Maybe someone else knows more ?