9.3x74R wildcat

I found a cartridge headstamped NORMA Re 9.3x74R yet the bullet diameter is only 7.25 mm, it is an inert round with no primer. The case has not been trimmed down it is still the 74.10 mm. Anybody know what it is? Thanks Vic

It could also be a 7 x 75R Vom Hofe case made from common 9,3 brass. The 7 x 75R was made from the 9,3 x 74 R case and correct headstamped cases are not so easy to find for handloaders.

Anyway, several wildcats were made from the 9,3 x 74 R case. Some of these are blown out versions of the parent case to improve case capacity, others are simply necked up/down versions.

According to COTW, Mic McPcPherson developed a 7 mm version of the 9,3 x 74R case for Steve Meacham.

Every thing with the length is correct for the 7x75R Vom Hofe but my cartridge has a very sharp shoulder similar to what Ackley did to improve cartridges.

My vote is for the 7mm Meacham He chambered more than a few single shots in this cartridge and his .30 Meacham also based on the 9.3x74R. I believe he will still build a rifle in his cartridges.
I’ll bet he can provide the cartridge dimensions with an email.