9.4 Dutch Revolver Blank?

Here is what I think may be a 9.4 Dutch Revolver blank. It appears to be loaded with a wood composite wad of some type. I’m not sure if a portion of it has broken off or a top cover wad is missing or if that’s how it was originally loaded.
9.4 dutch head 9.4 dutch hs

Rim: 12.42 mm
Base: 10.86 mm
neck: 10.61 mm
Lgt: 20.69 mm

Any thoughts on what it actually is?


According to the book “De Munitiie voor de Revolvers van de Nederlandse en Nederlands Indische Krijgsmacht 1861-1940”, published by the Dutch cartridge research group, this is the “Patroon losse No.6” (No.6 blank). The “bullet” is described as follows in Dutch: Als projectiel diende een in papier gewikkeld zaagselpropje, in schellak gedompeld. This means a plug of sawdust wrapped in paper and dipped in shellac. Here is an illustration from the Dutch book.Skann_20200510 (4)


Vidar, thanks for the reply. It’s to bad this specimen is all broke up.
Any thoughts as to “B” on the headstamp?


The Dutch book I mentioned says that B stands for Birmimgham Small Arms & Metal Co.