9.5 Dreyse

I recently examined a pistol stamped F V DREYSE SOMMERDA. It is a single shot side swing barrel using a metallic cf ctg and is stamped 9,5 MM on the frame. I did some research and found that it was made for the 9.5 Dreyse ctg. I can find no info on this ctg. Does anyone have dimensions or a pic of this ctg?


If I am not mistaken, the 9.5 Dreyse was a needle fire cartridge composed of a paper case and an elliptically shaped lead bullet.

Someone will be along shortly who can probably post a photo, and provide more history on this cartridge.



This arm is definitely CF and has an extractor and recess for a ctg rim. In Gun Collector’s Digest Vol 4 there is an article called “Dreyse Needlefire Pistols” showing both the NF and CF versions of this arm. The calibre of the CF is given as “9.5 mm Metalle Patronne.”

There is a cool book by A.B. Zhuk about old pistols, I am still looking for it though.

Did a Chamber cast of the 9.5

Rim .580
Base .509
Shoulder .473
Neck .413
CL 1.15
Bore .365
Groove .391
Rim Thickness .110
Base to shoulder .795

IIRC this is close to the Werder pistol carbine ctg necked down and shortened. Pistol dates to early 1870s.

Checked Erlmeier and Brandt,Datig, White and Munhall and DWM catalogues with no luck. Can anyone ID this ctg?

Its an oldtimers Wildcat - made from 9,5 x 47 R brass.
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