9.5 x 30 R french


Do you know what is this ctge , it is french, for military use and was made in 1951;


With a 7.8mm primer pocket it appears so be possibly electirc primed. Maybe a CAD?


Alex, what do you call a CAD ?7
It is a D.E.F.A (weapons studies and manufacturing management) drawing



CAD = Cartridge Actuated Device

Examples of CAD from a U.S. Navy manual on cartridges used in CAD on aircraft etc.:




thanks Bryan for the explanation.

Perhaps it is a CAD. But for which system ?

I don’t think it is for a CAD because usually they used already existing cases

There is another point I am wondering about.
I it is a primer which is inserted at the bottom of the case there is nothing to avoid the primer to fall inside the case if you push on it.

Any idea ?