9.5mm Turk. Mauser Sub-Cal

I recently got this 9.5mm Turkish sub-cal chamber. It appears to be one-piece chromed steel, with a cup-like case mouth and something like a fired .22 blank providing the power. The hole going end to end is approximately 4.45mm in diameter. There are no visible marks anywhere on the piece.
What did it fire, and who made it?

4,45mm is a standard European Air rifle Pellet made by RWS and Others, as far back as the 1890’s. ( .175")

Whilst I don’t think the Sub-calibre device dates from the Era (1887-1900) of the Turkish calibre, it could be a later use of these otherwise semi-obsolete Rifles…The 9,5 Turk was still in use in Arabia , the Red Sea area, and Italian Libya in the 1930s. (9,5 ammo made by SMI in 30s).

Doc AV