9.5x29R WILDCAT?

This appears to be the 9.5x29r Wildcat as in ECDV.

Bullet dia : 9.92 mm -
Neck dia : 10.51 mm -
Soulder dia : 12.58 mm -
Base dia : 12,97 mm -
Rim dia : 14,82 mm -
Neck lenght : 5.65 mm -
Shoulder lenght : 13.25 mm -
Cartridge lenght : 42.08 mm -
Case lenght : 29 mm -

Best, Pascal

The Dreyse side swing ss pistol was factory chambered for this ctg.

Thanks for the reply Orange, do you have any doc. to confirm this?
Best, Pascal

I have had the opportunity to examine in detail a Dreyse pistol in this calibre which was determined by makeing a chamber cast. This arm shows no sign pf being rechambered. The pistol is stamped 9.5mm and the article “Dreyse Needle Fire Pistols”, Lenner, identifies this arm as useing the “Dreyse 9.5mm Metall Patronne”. This artcle includes both needle fire and cf Dreyse pistols.
About 18 monthes ago I posted the dimensions of the chamber cast on this board and was told it was the 9.5x 29R.

Orange, dimensions of the Dreyse pistol chamber cast are also very close to the 9,8 x 30,5 R M. B. Scheiben-Pistolen (GR 72).

Rim .580 / 14.75 mm
Base .509 / 12.94 mm
Shoulder .473 / 12.02 mm
Neck .413 / 10.50 mm
CL 1.15 / 29.21 mm
Bore .365 / 9.28 mm
Groove .391 / 9.94 mm
Rim Thickness .110 / 2.79 mm
Base to shoulder .795 / 20.21 mm

Pascal, GR 72 looks very similar to your cartridge -except case lenght-, but reported body & neck lenght dimensions from specimens are not alike (these are very difficult to establish). I would like to see a picture of a confirmed GR 72 case (published drawings show a very short shoulder).

Fede, here’s a pic with three different shoulder positions and or shapes but all very close. The id on the cartridges are with a certain reservation. I do not have a GR72 with Roth number in the headstamp (if there even is one known). Wanted to put a GR199 in the picture but cannot find it for now.

Best, Pascal

Just noticed headstamp scans are from right to left.


Pascal, thanks for the pictures. With the information known it seems that your unknown round could be a cut-down GR 72 case. This has a more pronounced shoulder, however.