9,5x47 R M. B. Question

Hi all

I need help to identify these cartridges (in case I have different cartridges).

subefotos.com/ver/?89eb2dad468e5 … 9359eo.jpg

It is a 9.5x47 R M. B. Schützen but since the diameter of the neck is deferent between both units I do not know if they are different versions ( like Lorenz, Utendoerffer “b” or any other)

The unit on the left has a neck diameter of 10,35mm while the other has 10.85mm.

Any help?

If the dimensions are correct (and they look about right from the photo), then the one on the right is a 10x47R MB, either; 10x47R Stahl MB (MB81) or 10x47R Foerster (MB82) - all of these are hard to identify.