9.5x60R on For sale board...SMIfor Turkey or Italian Libya?

The recent for sale post has a
A nice example of 9.5mm M1887 (Black powder) Mauser
Cartridge, but by SMI 1928.
Now, knowing that Turkey in 1926-28 had ordered a lot of 7,9 from HP, and others, as it was converting its calibre and ammo factories to 7,9 from 7.65 and possibly 9.5, both used in WWI…and could not make their own 9.5mm, as these were supplied by Germany initially as loaded ammo and also components for filling in Turkey, they ordered from Italy to fill needs for the few M87s still in tertiary service.
The other possibility is that the Italian colonies of Tripolitania, Cyrenaica and Fezzan, ( “Libia”)
required supplies of ammo for the thousands of M87s captured during the 1911 Italo-Turkish war ( which gave Libia, the Dodecanese Islands and Rhodes to Italy from the Ottoman Empire.
General Graziani, in the 1920s, was conducting search and destroy missions against the Senussi rebels and in particular Ali Muktar ( eventually captured and hanged), and need to arm and equip the native gendarmerie with weapons of a secondary nature, in this case, the 87 Turk Mauser. The Vetterlis and the M95 Austrian rifles were going to Eritrea and Somalia.
Little info is available from our usual Italian Sources…but something maybe found??
A Packet label, or some official document? Or the SMI archives?

Doc AV

Here is one of the loaded German rounds by Uettendoerfer.Your Historical research was
great I red at some place that almost the entire stock of that rifle Mod.was burnt after the
first war and to find one of these Guns on the collector market is next to impossible


Doc AV, it was likely made for captured guns, because labels are marked in Italian language. It was manufactured by SMI in 1928 at their branch located at Fornaci di Barga and loaded with graphited Balistite No. 2. Bologna may have been involved in the manufacture and/or loading as well, because they made tooling for this cartridge.



Sorry made a mistake that round was made by Egestorff and not Uttendoerfer

The M87 Rifles are Quite common…I have Two in Australia, and from postings on Gunboards, there are quite a few in the USA.
The ammunition in Turkey could have been destroyed at the end of WWI, but that is unlikely; the Turks still fought a war of independance and also the Greek-Turkish war of 1920-21. Using wartime 7.65 and German 7,9, as well as anything else at hand.

Thank you for the Label information regarding the SMI
9.5 M87.
I wonder if any survived WWII and subsequent Libyan turbulent history…a lot of 1930s Italian ammo showed up in the recent upheavals!
Saludos y muchas gracias,
Doc AV

Thanks for the reply,that just shows you how various conditions of supply and demand around the
world can be I once owed a large firearms collection and there were a few Tuks amongst those
peaces but I never ever got to see one of those Mod 87 and I think it was then that another collector
claimed they were all burnt.but as you know between facts and fairy tales there is often a wide gap.
unless someone comes up with proof.