9,5x60R Turkish Mauser dummy DWM

Hi friends does anybody have this type of Turkish dummy mauser in your collection? Can’t find any other photo info or value in any catalogues Wich I own. I think it’s not common cardidge. Thanks for answersturek%20DWM turek%20DWM%20HS

There are a couple of photos and a small amount of info on these (mostly DM and later DMW supplied) on page 120 of Ken Elks ‘Collecting Dummy Cartridges’

I donnot have this book could you send me the sites to have a look?

Sorry, my scanner has gone on holiday so the best I can do is to attach a j.peg, hope it helps, Kens book is well worth getting if you do collect dummy rounds


Thansk a lot. Its qiet few infe everywhere. How much does the book cost?