9 Flobert of Winchester manufacturing

  1. I’m looking for a scan of a Winchester catalogue page where is this ctge.

2) Are other length or color known ?


J-P: The scans - title page, shotgun page and cartridge page were sent to your home email a few minutes ago. they are from an undated catalog identified as the 1931 edition. the shotgun was discontinued, and you can see that word overprinted across the page on the shotgun.

thank you john !
I received them.

If somebody else a color page (if it was incolor), vbecause it is to put in my book


In the double charge Winchester 9mm Flobert besides the red, I have a Blue, Green, Yellow, Salmon and dark maroon. Winchester also made a 9mm Flobert shot in single charge. The only color I’ve ever seen is a blue one.

Remington also made a single charge Flobert shot (light red).


thanks for the info !
have you catalogues showing them ?

And what about Rem-Umc 9 Flobert shot ctges ?
There are a long and a short cases.
Do you know the colors ?
have you some scans of catalogue pages ?


Above is a picture of a Rem-UMC (inpressed “U”) and a Winchester (Impressed “W”) single charge 9mm Flobert. The red Rem-UMC has a case length of 30.7mm and the blue Winchester has a case length of 26.8mm. I was told these were made for export but I have no primary source information to confirm this.

These are the only case lengths and colors of these rounds I have seen.


Here are the Winchester Double charge Flobert (impressed “W”) rounds I have.


Thanks to both of you.

jp–I have checked all the U.M.C. and Rem-UMC Domestic catalogs from 1900 to 1939 and I found NO listing of either the 9mm Shot or 9mm Ball loads. I think they are only listed in the Export Catalogs and I do not have any of those for the those years.

thanks Ron
It means we still have catalogues and ammo (about me) to find !
South America must be the place where to check I think.


Pete de Coux’s Auction #8 sold a “9mm Flobert Remington-UMC Ball” box. The box was in Spanish so South America would be a good guess for the shot cartridges.


This can be interesting to you, see on rimfire 9mm: